Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Check out our posters!

The Eco Warriors were very busy in Term 3, creating informative posters about important environmental issues at our kura. These posters are now on display in classroom windows around the school. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

A mini makeover for the staffroom space

 Here are some pictures that the  Gardening Eco Warriors group took today. We went and made the outside area of the staff room look a bit nicer for staff to sit. We added flowers called Polyanthas and gave it a bit of a sweep. We also added some nice bright posters with messages we thought the teachers would like.  We have also re-used so e of the older classroom floor pads as cushion and Whaea Becky has a bunting that she will put up. 

Monday, 7 September 2020

Planting seedlings

 We received an awesome kit from New world and have planted seedlings to put in our school garden.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019


We spent our Tuesday lunchtime session researching eco friendly lunch box options. We found recipes for homemade muesli bars and yoghurt and websites to buy beeswax wraps, compartmentalised lunch boxes and much more! Click the 'Sustainable Options for Your Lunch Box' tab on the right hand side to find out more.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Check out the new bin labels around the school

Last term some new labels were made by our Eco Warriors to make it clear what our bins are for around the school. They were BOLD, easy to read and showing a clear message.

Tino Pai Eco Warriors!
We are the 2019 Eco Warriors of St Albans School!

We are a passionate bunch of people wanting to make St Albans School as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible!
Our Eco Leader is Lucy Whyte and her assistant Whaea Sarah Hendrikx

Our wonderful Eco Warrior Tamariki are: Rata, Miu, Beth, Mathew, Garrielle
Isla, Ciara, Lily, Sabina, Niamh, Georgia, Lee, Jessica, Josie, Radha, Isabelle, Ari, Neave, Rosie, Hannah, Janika, Kylani, Vesper, Zena, Ellie, Poshika, Ruby, Te Ariki, Jinudhi, Fiona, Timara, Angel. 

Please follow our blog and see what we do each week. You might learn some useful tips or you might be able to help us. We look forward to sharing our adventure with you all :) 

Aroha Nui, 
Eco Warriors x